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Slavic Aryan Calendar

The creation of peace in the Star Temple 5508 B.C. was the beginning of the Slavic Aryan Calendar

We write the year after the Creation of Peace in the Star Temple (CPST)

The summers are counted according to CPST. The beginning of the year is the Equinox after the summer.
The star temple is every 16th year in the daaric annual circle.

The Slavic Aryan Vedic calendar -
Kolyady Dar
Kolyady Dar
Коляды Дар

which was valid in Russia until 1699, is still considered the most accurate in the world. It is fundamentally different from the modern one, because it is based on the model of the universe and the galactic orientation of the earth.
The daaric annual circle divides the long periods into life circles at 144 years each and the year in three seasons: autumn, winter and spring. This old calendar has striking similarities with the Mayan calendar. It is rooted in the days when our ancestors lived on the northern continent, which they called Daaria.

Today's date and time can be viewed here:
Daaric annual circle Даарийский круголет Числобога

Daaric - without apostrophe, since not the tribe Da'Aria is meant, but the old country Daaria, which sank into the Arctic after the 1st Flood. A copy of the map of Daaria, which Gerhard Mercator copied from the wall of one of the Egyptian pyramids in Giza in the Middle Ages, is preserved until today.

Country Daaria (Дар Ариям Богами - gift of the gods to the Aryans)

Daaria Mercator
The North Pole region in the Mercator Atlas of 1595

Before the Ice Age, the Earth's axis looked strictly towards the center of our galaxy. No angle of inclination of the earth axis means there are no seasons, but eternal equinox and eternal spring. Mild climate also at the North Pole. The earth's axis has only gotten into its present inclined position by one or more moon collapses.

The way through the starry sky of our yariloJarilo Sun is called Svarog-circle (Slavic zodiac). The Svarog circle has 16 constellations. The earth moves around the yariloJarilo Sun, whereby it rotates around its axis and the axis moves slowly along a circular cone. Thus the north pole in space describes an ellipse, which is the basis of this cone. This movement of the earth axis on a circular cone, which from earth of the visually observable rotation of the starry sky is called scientifically precession and our ancestors called it the day of the Svarog, the rotation of the starry sky in 25920 years through all 16 constellations. Currently, astronomers estimate the duration of the precession to be 25729 years (Platonic Year). The position of the sun in the sky is determined during the solstice, i.e. in which constellation is the sun on March 22 (Latin, Western style) or September 22 (Aryan, Russian style). Since the Slavic Aryans on the celestial arc, unlike Western and Chinese astronomy, are not 12, but distinguish 16 constellations (halls), the zodiac era lasts accordingly not 2160, but 1620 years. This means that the point of the sun at the autumn solstice moves to a new constellation every 1620 years.

Since 7520 CPST (2012 A.D.) we are in the Hall of the Wolf. In the day of the Svarog this means dawn, that is, the bright time of awakening is coming. Humanity remembers its ancestors.

The dawn of the Svarog or what happened in 2012 Рассвет Сварога - Aztec calendar - The Mayan calendar extended to the year 2012
- Tsar Peter I. changed the annual accounts in Russia in 1699 to those of the post-Christian era as in Central and Western Europe and postponed the beginning of the year to January 1. Thus 31 August 7208 was followed by 1 January 1700. Lenin adapted the calendar to the Gregorian style in 1918, January 31, 1917 was followed by February 14, 1918 Old Russian calendar - Slavic-Aryan Wedian calendar - Kolyady Dar: Славянский ведический календарь коляды дар - Slavic Aryan calendar Славяно-Арийский Календарь - Slavic Aryan Vedic Calendar - Daarischer Jahreskreis Даарийский круголет Числобога - Slavic calendar Летоисчисление славян - Svarog circle Сварожий Круг - Country Daaria Священная страна Даария - Axial precession - Precession - Equinox - Gerardus Mercator - The North Pole region in the Mercator Atlas of 1595 - Alte Schriften

Time data according to the Slavic Aryan calendar Славяно-Арийский Календарь

We actually live years after the Creation of Peace in the Star Temple (CPST) BC
years after the begin of the last Ice Age v.Chr
34.000 years after the construction of the Bosnian Pyramids - 45.000 to 43.000 years after Colonization of Europe by Homo Sapiens

years after the foundation of Asgard Irijski BC

Years after the creation of peace in the Star Temple

Moscow coat of arms

In ancient times, the creation of peace was called the conclusion of a peace treaty between warring peoples. Thus, we have a "new reference system". This very peace treaty, between the Great Rasa (Slavic Aryans) and the Great Dragon (ancient Chinese or Arym, as they were called then) was concluded on the day of Autumn Equinox or on the 1st day of the First month of the year 5500 from the the Great Cold (Ice Age). The victory was won by the Great Rasa, which was displayed in the form of an image - the White Knight on a horse strikes with the Dragon's spear (see Fig., coat of arms of Moscow). But since Christians attributed all the achievements of our ancestors to themselves, now this image is interpreted as a Christian holy Great Martyr George the Victorious defeats the serpent who devastated the lands of the pagan king. As the legend says, when the lot fell to give the royal daughter to the beast, George appeared on a horse and pierced the serpent with a spear, ridding the tsarina of death. The phenomenon of the "saint" contributed to the conversion of local residents to Christianity. This legend was often interpreted in a different way: the tsarevna is a church, and the snake is paganism. But you realized that this very George has nothing to do with ancient events. It's just a fact that Christians use the ancient image for their own purposes.

Hanuman (Asur, ie Prince of Rassenia), who ruled in Belovodya and Ariman (ruler of Arymia, ie ancient China) "Created the World", ie concluded a peace treaty between the Great Rasa and the Great Dragon, on which the defeated Arymans built a wall (loopholes in their direction!) to mark the boundary of Rassenia. The wall was called Kiy-Tai, which means: Kiy - fence; Tai - the end of the top, the great - that is, "the final, limiting the great fence (wall). That is, in ancient times, "China" called a high fence or fortress wall. For example: Chinatown in Moscow is so named because of the high wall that surrounded it, not because of the Chinese.

That great event was the beginning of a new countdown of the years of our ancestors. In memory of that event by our ancestors was written the Avesta on 12000 cowhides. The - Avesta (shining wisdom), which is an example of ancient Slavic books, written both on parchment and gold, was destroyed by order of Alexander the Great, who though he was a Slav, but was under the spiritual influence of the Jew Aristotle. The world later became aware of the long-preserved distorted version of the Avesta - Zend-Avesta, which was distorted by Zaratustra, adding his comments and corrections.

The Avesta has been destroyed by Alexander the Great . A connection is not directly provable, but obvious due to the striking similarities between Vedic and Avetian scriptures. The break between Avestish and the more recent Vedic tradition must therefore be immediately after the avestischen original.
- In ancient times, the Persian Empire created a favorable climate for the development of Judaism. What we know as Old Testament belief in God became possible to a large extent only under Persian rule The Persian Kings: Patrons of Israel in Old Iran - According to Pahlavi sources, the revelation that Zarathushtra received from Ahura Mazda collected by his royal patron saint Kavi Vishtaspa and written in gold ink on 12,000 ox skins His descendant Darius Daryan (i.e. Darius, son of Darius) placed two copies of the Avesta and a commentary on it in the repositories of Ganj-i Shapikan and Dis- i Nipisht ("the fortress of the scriptures"). Alexander the Great destroyed the Achaemenid Empire, destroyed the Avesta, by throwing the books into the sea or setting them on fire, and ordered some of them to be translated into Greek. The destruction of the Avesta by Alexander the Great seems to have been no coincidence Авеста - Aristotle - Jewish philosophy
- Who created the peace in the star temple? Кто сотворил мир в Звездном Храме? - Creation of Peace in the the star temple Сотворение мира в Звездном Храме - Сотворения Мира в Звёздном Храме

Years after the begin of the last Ice Age

This chronology starts from the Great Cooling Period (Ice Age), which was associated with a catastrophe - the fall to Midgard in the Pacific Ocean fragments of the destroyed moon Fatta. Fatta before the fall rotated around Midgard (in the equatorial plane) with a period of revolution of 13 days.

It is said in Santia Veda of Perun: "...hard times will bring the flow of the River of Time to the Holy Land of the Great Rasa... And only the Priests-keepers of the Ancient Knowledge and Secret Wisdom will remain on this Earth... For people will use the Power of the elements of Midgard-Earth and will destroy the small Moon and their beautiful World ... And then Svarog Circle will turn (the Earth's axis will move) and people's souls will be horrified...". This event was predicted by Perun during his 3rd visit to Midgard-Earth.

During the time of the Great Migration after the fall of the Moon Lelya, the H'Aryan people, led by the Great Leader Ant, reached the Western (Atlantic) Ocean and, with the help of a vaitmanaWaitmana, crossed over to an island in that ocean, on which lived beardless people with skin the color of the flame of the Holy Fire (people with red skin). On that land, the Great Leader built the Capitulum (temple) of the Trident of the God of the Seas and Oceans (God Niyah), who patronized people, protecting them from the Forces of Evil. The island became known as the Land of Ants or Antlan (from the ancient Greek Atlantis, i.e., Atlantis).

Atlantis under water

However, the development of culture in the Land of Ants came to a standstill. The people of the land were the most important part of the people of the land of the Ants, and they were the most important part of the people. Great prosperity dulled the heads of the leaders and priests who came from mixed families. Laziness and desire for alien things clouded their minds. And they began to lie to the Gods and people, began to live by their own laws, breaking the Covenants of wise Forefathers and the Laws of God-the-Father One. And they began to use the Power of the Element Midgard-Earth to achieve their goals. In the battle between the people of the White Rasa and the Antlan priests, who experimented with Force Crystals (which can be used to modify the torsion fields, the cores of Moons and Earths) accidentally destroyed the moon Fatta.

When Fatta was destroyed, a huge shard crashed into the Earth near the western continent (America), as a result of which the inclination of the Earth's axis changed by 23 degrees and the continental outlines changed. A number of ancient texts describe this process as a change in the tilt of the sky in relation to the earth. For example, in the ancient Chinese treatise Huaynanzi it is described as follows: "The sky tilted to the northwest, the sun, moon and stars moved. The Earth's axis acquired a wavy elliptical motion, which modern scientists call the "precession period. yariloJarilo-Sun began to pass through other Celestial Chambers on the Svarog Circle. On the wall of one of the Mayan pyramids in America there is an inscription, "The Little Moon broke." The Chinese treatise Huaynanzi describes the event as follows: "The heavenly vault broke apart, the earthly scales broke off. The sky tilted to the northwest. The sun and the stars moved. The earth in the southeast was incomplete, and so the waters and silt rushed there... In those distant times the four poles collapsed, the nine continents split apart... fire blazed unceasingly, the waters raged unceasingly."

A giant wave of falling debris circled the earth three times, causing the death of Antlani and other islands. Increased volcanic activity led to atmospheric pollution, which was one of the causes of the Great Cooling and glaciation. Hence the word "fatal", "Fatal Exodus", came from here, and the number 13 (the number of days Fatta's circulation around Midgard) has been considered unlucky ever since. People moved south to warmer habitats, and the glacier virtually wiped out all traces of habitation in the northern latitudes. It took many centuries before the atmosphere began to clear and the glaciers retreated toward the poles. This event threw Mankind back into the "Stone Age".

When Atlan perished, Atlanteans arrived in Ta-Kemi (ancient Egypt). The first dynasties were led by the Great Rasa.

During the examinations of the mummy of Ramses II, it was found that Ramses was naturally red-haired (Ha'Aria).
- Plato reports in the Kritias the story of Ancient Athens and Atlantis and invoked a report of the famous lawgiver Solon; the latter had received his knowledge during a stay in Egypt from an old priest in Sais. The priest had enlightened his visitor about it, that the Egyptians, in contrast to the Greeks, had historical records going back a very long way.
- Phaethon (The best-known variants of the myth are by Hesiod and by Ovid, who in his Metamorphoses who developed the most detailed and still canonical reading of the story of the audacious skystormer): Interpretation as cosmic catastrophe
- Work of Chinese philosophy written by the Prince of Huainan: Huainanzi
- ANTLAN and the second moon of the Earth Fatta return from the abyss of the sea and the darkness of the millennia АНТЛАНЬ и вторая луна земли, ФАТА - Atlantis and the second moon of the Earth Fatta АНТЛАНЬ и вторая луна земли, ФАТА - Fatta Фатта - Begin of the last Ice Age Великой Стужи и (Великого Похолодания)

Years after the foundation of Asgard Irijski

In ancient Greek, the word assAce is - a god incarnated in the human body. Our ancestors called themselves Aces, their country is called Asia (this is also mentioned in the old Scandinavian epic - "Ynglingsaga"). Asgard means "city of gods". Iriy - because it stands at the river Iriy Tishayshiy or Irtysh. In total there were four Asgard. Asgard of Daaria, was located at the North Pole, sank together with the northern continent - Daaria. Later, Asgard were taken from Sagdi (the area of today's Ashabat) and Asgard from Swintiod (Uppsala, Sweden). The ruins of the ancient Asgard Irijski, which were destroyed by hordes of Jungars in 1530 AD, was discovered by the cartographer of Peter the Great Remizov, whereupon the Omsk Fortress (today Omsk) was built on this site.

Belovodya - Asgard, Odin und die Ynglingsaga - Foundation of Asgard Irijski Основания Асгарда Ирийского - Asgard

The migration of the Aryans and Slavs
The migration of the Aryans and Slavs

Asgard Schule Omsk

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